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Why Cingular/ATT 8525 Sucks

December 28, 2007

If you are considering the option of buying a 8525 cellphone, please stop, take a deep breath and check your self in the nut house. I am sure you’ll find me there!

This has got to be one of my worst decisions ever, and believe me I have made some bad mistakes over the years.

Top 10 reasons why the 8525 sucks bad:

  1. Some times you need to press the Answer button several times to do what a phone is designed to do, which is take calls. Sometimes it does not work at all and the call goes to voice mail… fun!
  2. Battery DRAINS out so fast you wont be able to say hello after you checked your email
  3. Phone does not detect the charger, and needs to be reset in order to start charging
  4. When running Windows Mobile 5 it hangs so many times a day that I lost count
  5. Looses bluetooth connection to headsets and car handsfree
  6. Soooooo slooooowwwww when you open the keyboard and the screen rotates
  7. Bulky as hell, might as well buy a brick
  8. Phone dialing is hard, screen keys are too small
  9. With the standard software the phone connects to the internet automatically, so watch out if you are roaming
  10. ActiveSync goes into a loop some times and syncs the same stuff over and over

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  1. I see you are very uneducated man,
    1. never happened to me
    2. battery is very good at this phone (lasts 2-3 days without charging w/out talking)
    3. detect charger? it charges from any charger that I have to include USB from computer
    4. update to WM6! its available
    5. never lost bluetooth (have BT GPS receiver)
    6. very fast actually
    7. its a PDA!
    8. update dialing pad!
    9. u can easily shut it down in options
    10. upgrade to windows mobile center!

    • Jeremy permalink

      It sucks. I just bought one on craigslist for $50 and I just put it back on craigslist. I thought it was a bargain until I found the phone doesn’t ring and there is no volume control. Most of the keys on the keypad stick. You have to navigate through several menus to do what my old phone does with one touch. Stick with the Nokia, simple and user friendly.

  2. dude permalink

    It does suck.

    DONT BUY THEM. They ALL have a hardware defect in them that makes the screen turn white and the device unusable.

    Stay away if you can

  3. dallas braxton permalink

    1. agreed. phone calls should take absolutely priority over any other functionality.
    2. extended battery is the only way to use this phone, but be prepared for the extended back door and weight.
    3. have not had this problem.
    4. have this problem both with WM5 AND WM6.
    5. have not had this problem.
    6. occasionally
    7. yes
    8. yes
    9. not a problem
    10. have not had
    all in all, the best thing for 8525 users to do is get the iphone2 when it comes out with 3g and exchange connectivity.

  4. dave permalink

    My Cingular 8525 I had for 18 months went white screen today. I stuck it over an A/C cooling vent and it worked for about 5 minutes and then went white again. REally sucks. Apparently this is a widespread problem. And I never use the hidden keyboard, In fact I truly wish it was not there as it makes the phone more susceptible to failure!

  5. Rake permalink

    My 8525 had the white screen problem about a month ago. I completely disassembled it and made sure that all connectors were connected and that all adhesive-applied parts were indeed adhering. Upon reassembly (total process took 30 minutes max), the phone works fine and my white screen days are gone.

    • Chris Mckenzie permalink

      Im a noob when it comes to technology. My 8525 phone is whiting out too. Im frustrated and about to attempt the same thing as i can’t deal with it. Any advice?

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