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Ruby on Rails 2.x with SQLite 3 on Windows

December 31, 2007

MAC OSX Leopard comes with SQLite 3 working by default, but in Windows to get SQLite 3 to work you need to install the sqlite3-ruby gem and download the SQlite binaries from the SQLite download site.

Download and unzip the contents of the SQLite 3.5.4 binary into the Ruby bin directory (usually c:\ruby\bin), and do the same with the SQLite 3.5.4 DLL.

Now install the SQLite3-ruby gem by

gem install sqlite3-ruby

choose option 1 and you should be done.

Test with a migration

rake db:migration
(in C:/rubyprojects/test)
== 1 CreateGames: migrating ==============================================
-- create_table(:games)
-> 0.1570s
== 1 CreateGames: migrated (0.1570s) =======================================


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One Comment
  1. Gagan permalink

    i copied the three files sqlite3.def ,sqlite3.dll and sqlite3.exe that i have downloaded from the sqlite official website, to my /ruby/bin folder
    then i tried /ruby/bin>gem install sqlite3-ruby
    but the same problem occur saying
    “no such file to load sqlite3”
    please help me to find the solution

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