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101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius

February 14, 2009

I bought this book and it has paid for itself many times over. The information on hacking video senders is right on the money, and for $20, I turned the VCR sender bought at a department store into the $150 spy transmitter that many websites are selling.

Oh, and the taser gun made from the disposible camera…. Yah, it hurts! I would never try the two battery model > at least not on myself 😉

Anywho, thanks to the author, I enjoyed the way the book lays out each project as it is being made so there is no confusion, and the underground feel of this book reminds me of the old anarchist cookbook files that used to be available on dialup BBS sites.

Gadgets you will be able to do from the book:

  • Build and install a nanny cam for viewing and recording activity from afar
  • Hear and record what’s said from great distances
  • See and photograph in the dark
  • Wire yourself for undetected recording
  • Construct a hidden briefcase camera
  • Tap and record telephone conversations
  • Privately record every called number, with a time stamp, from any phone
  • Build a secret time-lapse camera
  • Build and install motion-activated spy cameras or listening devices
  • Alter photographic evidence
  • Digitally disguise your telephone voice
  • Secretly install key-logging software to see what’s done on any computer
  • Learn what Web sites others are surfing
  • Recover deleted computer files
  • View other peoples’ computer screens from your PC
  • Control your spy equipment from afar

Check it out it is great I wonder if the author is on a no fly list now?!


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