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The new Kindle 2 from Amazon

February 14, 2009

Kindle 2

Kindle 2

Amazon released their new Kindle 2 and I just nought one. My initial impression was that the new device is much thiner that a regular paperback, and also light weight. I often grab a book with one hand only and I liked the fact that I can hold the device up for extended periods much more comfortably than a real book.

The beat thing about it is that I can read all my PDFs, listen to MP3 music and download new content immediately from anywhere without the use of the computer, or wireless fees!

Amazon offers tons of books and newspapers, free dictionary and access, and makes it easy to download new content or even send content to your “Kindle e-mail”. I found this feature very cool. You’re friends can email you documents, and you can open them in your Kindle immediately without using a computer.

I think Amazon has got a winner on their hands, think of iTunes for books. The Kindle 2 is the new iPod!


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  1. Kindle’s appearance is certainly reminiscent of an Apple product

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