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TeraStation and Apple Time Machine

September 4, 2009

Finally I got my iMac backing up to the TeraStation using Time Machine by following the instructions on this site.

The trick was creating the Sparse file by hand, after enabling the use of network volumes. I am using AppleTalk to mount the TeraStation share for the backups, and I setup a different share just for the backup files.

If the file “” does not get created automatically by Time Machine you’ll have to create it yourself.

Some sites discourage the use of SMB, all I can say is that the referenced procedure only worked for me with AFP. Maybe your mileage will vary.

Time Machine

Great job Newb @ MacTimes!


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  1. Mike permalink

    Hi bigdiver and many thanks to Newb @ MacTimes. I got it working too, just have to follow Newb’s instructions precisely and don’t forget the restart. Backing up now – only another 300GB to go 🙂

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