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Installing the Debian Package Management in the Buffalo TeraStation

November 16, 2009

If you need to manipulate .deb packages directly in your TeraStation you should download and install the dpkg Debian package.

I did this procedure on Mac OS but you should be able to replicate it on a Linux machine as well. If on Windows get a utility that can extract the files inside of a Debian (.deb) file and you should be ok.

  1. Get the package dpkg for AMRel for Debian Lenny. The Mac in my case
  2. Extract the files from dpkg_1.14.25_armel.deb
    dpkg-deb -x dpkg_1.14.25_armel.deb dpkg
    cd dpkg
  3. Copy the extracted files to the TeraStation with scp. If you are on Windows use Putty.
    scp -r * root@:/

For this to work you should have SSH access to the TeraStation. Please read this post.

Now you can download (wget) and extract deb packages (dpkg-deb) directly in your TeraStation.
Good luck


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