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PS3 YLOD Follow Up and Activating the New PS3 Without Having the Old One

November 23, 2009

I wrote about my experience with the PS3 YLOD on this post, after getting a fixed PS3 back from Sony I thought that would be the end of it, but apparently due to the DRM features Sony does not want you to share your downloaded content like games and videos.

So the PlayStation Store lets you buy, but not download content, especially videos, from the PS Network.

I rented a video last night and the transaction was processed. ie Sony got my money, but then it would not let me download the movie because there was another “Active” PS3 in my account.
According to Sony we need to deactivate the old PS3 before we can activate the new one. But my problem was that I no longer had the old PS3, it burned down and did not even boot up… So how can I deactivate it.

I called Sony, gave them all the information I had, service request number for the repair of the YLOD damaged box, serial number of the new one, and still it took me 40 minutes on the phone with them to clear out this mess.

After all was fixed on their end I now need to wait 2 days to see if the changes really happened and I can register my new PS3, and that my downloaded content is still going to be there…

Sony, if the PS3 is not active and cannot download content why do you let users buy the content in the first place?

So if you have a YLOD or other hardware problem and your PS3 needs to be repaired/replaced please keep all your receipts, serial numbers and service request numbers so you can prove that you are not trying to steal the couple of movies you bought or rent on the PlayStation Store.

This whole YLOD episode has been a nightmare.


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  1. Just to report that after about 8 hours the new PS3 did activate and all my movie rentals were there. Finally a sigh of relief. I think that the YLOD episode is now behind me.

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