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Skype Error: Unable to mount database

November 25, 2009

I started getting a lot of Skype database errors during login. I would type my password and during the login process I always got the “Unable to mount database” error on Skype for Mac version

To solve it delete the Skype’s user directory doing

rm -fr ~/Library/Application\ Support/Skype/<username>

using the Terminal application, then login to Skype.

Please pay attention to the “~” at the beginning of the file path. This is not a mistake it actually represents your home directory.


From → Snow Leopard

  1. Mollie permalink

    Ok, so I updated my OS and got the Skype message “Unable to mount database” and have googled this problem and everyone says to go into Library and find Application Support files and delete the one that’s support/skype/username. Only there is NO such file on my HD – only the Skype application. Now what?!

  2. The correct file name is not support/skype/username.

    The correct file is “~/Library/Application\ Support/Skype/userame” but you need to replace username with your own user’s name that you use to login. Do not forget the ~ in front of the first /, very important.

    when you type the file name in the terminal window do not use the ” …

  3. Wes permalink

    Having the same problem as Mollie. I’ve deleted the files after reinstalling Skype (again), and no luck. Unable to mount database.

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