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Gave up on Snow Leopard on the Mac Book Air

December 21, 2009

After fighting with Snow Leopard for a couple of months on my Mac Book Air, and experiencing two serious data corruption problems, I have officially given up on Snow Leopard.

Here is the summary of my experience with Snow Leopard.

  1. Snow Leopard came out. I upgraded both my Macs (iMAC, and MacBook Air)
  2. iMac works with a few quirks, but after the first update from Apple things are stable and all seems to be working. A few applications needed to be updated, but no major issues.
  3. MacBook Air upgrade did not work initially as documented in a previous post.
  4. Got everything to work but it was so very slooooow…. NONE of the “faster” claims by Apple verified.
  5. MacBook crawling, it got so bad that I decided to do a clean install. So I formated my HDD and installed SL from scratch.
  6. Same thing, slow, slow, slow….
  7. Found some fixes as documented in another post. This did work, especially the Terminal fix.
  8. The MacBook Air was not hibernating or sleeping properly, was hanging constantly and finally I suffered data corruption when the laptop ran out of battery while stuck, and not going to sleep after I closed it and stowed it.
  9. Tried to recode HDD but all data recovery tools complained an said they could not recover the data.
  10. Second reinstallation, same thing happened after three weeks

Fed up, went back to Leopard, all is working to perfection…


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  1. That’s pretty odd. I have the Late 2008 MacBook Pro (First Unibody Model) and upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard. I have had no issues, and I have heard none about the iMac. HOWEVER, I have heard some nasty stuff about the MacBook Air and your posts convinces me it is a growing problem.

    Apple isn’t perfect after all.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope your machines end up working with Snow Leopard.


  2. Yeah, mine works too, pretty much perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff was happening on hackintoshs, or with some Windows version, but when the hardware is the same, and the software being installed is the same, I’m confused. Apple will probably say nothing. :/

  3. Elias Baez permalink

    Well, if apple isn’t perfect, they why is perfection on all of their ads? It seems to me that you should stop buying over-priced machines that don’t work with their os and buy yourself windows 7 to install on your macbook… Atleast now you know that it will work for sure =)

  4. No, mac may not be completely perfect- but Windows just doesn’t work, in my experience. I’m probably going to install win7 in parallels if I can get it on a student license, but otherwise I’m pretty much certain that Leopard/Snow Leopard will run better.
    I would upgrade my Vista (which is impractically slow) to windows 7 but the install process doesn’t exactly look quick and easy.

  5. All things considered, if apple isn’t flawless, they why is flawlessness on the greater part of their advertisements? I can’t help thinking that you ought to quit purchasing over-evaluated machines that don’t work with their os and purchase yourself windows 7 to introduce on your macbook… Atleast now you realize that it will work without a doubt

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