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Clean your Apple Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball

December 7, 2010

The scroll ball in the Apple Mighty Mouse is an essential piece of mouse hardware and it gets clogged often. When it does scrolling tends to become erratic and difficult, to the point where it stops completely. I use this method to clean the ball without opening the mouse. Trust me when I say you do not want to open the Mighty Mouse…

  1. soak one Q-tip in alcohol, not dripping wet, you do not want to drown your mouse
  2. start rubbing the Q-tip over the ball in all directions and notice that you’ll start to see dirt come to the top
  3. gently rub off the dirt, or use a dry Q-tip to get it out.
  4. repeat process until the ball is totally clean

Hope this helps. If you have no time, no Q-tips, or no alcohol, just press the ball down hard, and scroll it. Do this a few times and whatever is stuck will become free and you’ll usually regain scrolling right away.


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